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Heated grips, are they just for old people on tourers/commuters?

I’ve been motorcycling for 32 years, with only a few short gaps. Generally, I motorcycle all year round, though currently through choice rather than necessity. Yet, in 32 years I’ve never had heated grips………why?

Originally, I felt such niceties were for “slow old tourers” and “couriers” and took away from the true motorcycling experience. They were also pretty bulky and inconsistent in their heat between left grip and right, throttle, grip. I once tried heated gloves but they felt big and bulky and just detracted from the feel required to enjoy a Supermoto on the mud covered back roads of rural Suffolk……though I admit they did keep my hands lovely and warm!! On one of our European trips a friend was on a KTM 1290 SuperDuke GT which had heated grips and heated seat. We frequently swapped bikes on our trip and I got to test the heating on a chilly and slightly damp mountain pass. I was impressed…..but still felt I was somehow cheating.

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Motorcycle holidays around Europe and the impact of Brexit

My first European motorcycle trip was summer of 1996 on a Kawasaki ZX6R F2…in green of course! A friend (on a Honda VFR750) and I took the Dover-Calais ferry, this was the first trip of many, the freedom of European travel led to at least one trip every year up until the COVID-19 shutdown of 2020.

This blog looks back at those trips, the good and bad, and how these journeys may look post Brexit (note this is being written just before Christmas 2020)

Firstly, this was the era where sports motorbikes (and in particular 600cc sports bikes) ruled and FastBikes magazines produced some outrageous videos of their antics across France on the latest sports motorbikes; do a Google, see if you can find them……today they would never be allowed!

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