Via Moto has expanded its activity into the world of motorcycle racing. We are owners of the Via Moto Racing Kawasaki Superstock 600 being ridden for us by Joe Sheldon-Shaw in the British Superbike Series. Proudly sporting the new VMR logo we are very much looking forwards to the 2018 season and are confident of challenging for the championship.

In addition to the racing VMR will also be developing its own range of clothing to complement and enhance our presence both inside and outside of the motorcycle market and the racing scene.

To that end we have introduced a waterproof sports oriented textile armoured jacket, trousers and glove set that is priced very competitively and complimented this with a lighter weight leisure jacket that can be worn whether riding or not with removable armour and rain proof lining. This clothing line matches the look of our teamwear worn in the BSB paddock during race day.

To compliment the rider wear we also have an eye catching T-Shirt and Hoodie offering that proudly displays the VMR logo with an Italian Colour scheme to enhance its desirability.

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VMR is also supported by Jason O’Halloran from the Honda BSB Team = the VMR logo is proudly shown under his cap peak and on his undersuit armour. Keep an eye on this page, facebook and instagram to see updates on the VMR brand as we expand further.

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